Comments from Clinton Korf, Training Manager at FlySafair

Attending a course by Dr Janette Minnaar from ProEhtics SA on workplace ethics was an absolute privilege. It was truly enlightening, revealing even with my years of experience, I still hold my own biases. Dr Minnaar prompted me to deeply reflect on my leadership approach, instilling invaluable lessons about leading with wisdom and humility.

The emphasis on behavioural ethics and aligning with the WHO values of my company resonated deeply. Personal integrity is now a non-negotiable cornerstone, and I’ve come to appreciate how humble leadership fosters robust teams. Navigating diversity and fostering inclusivity, especially within a multi-generational workforce, emerged as crucial focal points. Confronting ethical dilemmas head-on was another critical facet, emphasising value-based decision-making.

Dr Minnaar-van Veijeren’s insights on cultivating a culture of integrity within FlySafair left an indelible mark. Exploring the profound impact of environmental influences on ethical decision-making added an additional layer of understanding. Moreover, the course delved into the powerful sway of leadership influence, particularly in creating psychological safety, as illustrated by a compelling case study. The importance of intellectual honesty and emotional intelligence was emphasised, providing tools for identifying and refining one’s unique leadership style. This course has fundamentally transformed my perspective, equipping me to approach leadership with newfound insight and purpose. Thank you Dr Minnaar!


Comments from The Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Comments from Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

"Thank you so much for conducting our awareness sessions with our Senior Managers and for delivering such amazing content. We truly appreciate that you gave everything of yourself in the two days. It was absolutely amazing to meet you and work with you. Based on the evaluation forms it was well received and most thought that one day is not enough to speak on ethics and ethical leadership."

Ms Makhosazana Jakavula, Director: Fraud Prevention and Ethics Management


Comments from Tarsus Technology Group

Comments from Thungela Goedehoop Colliery

"Thank you for assisting us at such short notice, it is truly appreciated. Feedback received from the team was that the topic was relevant and presented in a lively and interactive way. They loved your style of facilitation and felt very engaged throughout the session."


Comments from The Gauteng Province, Office of the Premier

Comments from Barloworld Equipment Southern Africa a Division of Barloworld South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Comments from the Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA)

"I have been meaning to send a message of thanks to ProEthics on behalf of the MICT SETA CEO, management and staff for a comprehensive, educational and thought-provoking training. We received additional positive feedback from colleagues even after the sessions were concluded. It will, without a doubt, be recorded in the history of the MICT SETA as one of the most fruitful interventions and we are grateful to have actively participated in it. We would like to once again, thank you for your invaluable efforts invested in the preparation and execution of the training."


Comments from PPC Limited

"It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us."


Comments from Witbank Coalfields Medical Aid Scheme

"The staff loved your presentation style and felt comfortable to interact with you."


Comments from Henley Business School

"I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Janette Minnaar's delivery and her bubbly personality. For a serious topic such as E&C, she made it fun, relatable and yet was able to have difficult discussions about ethical problems that we encounter in our professional space. In addition, she provided practical methods and published guides of finding solutions and increasing awareness thus ensuring compliance."

Henley Business School reference letter



Comments from The Minerals Council South Africa

"Thank you so very much for the amazing training that you have delivered for our organisation. I had a numerous number of staff that have given me feedback to say that they thoroughly enjoyed the training, and it was delivered in an extremely professional and engaging manner. My Senior management team also expressed the same view.  Thank you for the excellent service."


Comments from Henley Business School

"The facilitator was highly passionate and knowledgeable on the topic. Keep her!"

"Courageous leadership and ethics go hand-in-hand."

"Brilliant facilitator. Engaged well even though class was via Zoom."

"Great content, delivered impeccably and very relevant today."

"Janette was fabulous and kept me engaged – very cheerful nature. Was a great lecture."

"Keep Dr. Minnaar on always – she is phenomenal."

"Dr. Minnaar is an authentic and exceptional facilitator who made her session so engaging and intriguing…such a breath of fresh air after a really intense week."

"Bubbly and highly entertaining facilitator. I love her tutoring style."

"Dr. Minnaar is an authentic and exceptional facilitator who made her session so engaging and intriguing...such a breath of fresh air after
a really intense week.."

"I think she lead the program well and a lot of energy! Which is needed with a topic like this . Would be good if she popped into a few of
the group discussions. Also well done with engaging in the chat discussions!"

"Janette was very energetic and created a good environment. She made the content simplistic which made it easy to grasp. We fed off
her jolly energy and it was a perfect way to end the week."


Comments from National Lotteries Commission

Comments from Road Accident Fund

Comments from Lewis Stores (PTY) Ltd

Comments from The Lewis Group

Comments from Nedbank

Comments from DRA

Comments from Basil Read

  • “The course was very informative, the Dr (Minnaar) was very lively, vibrant and smart. She is very valuable in getting across her message. Well enjoyed the course. Thank you.”
  • “This course is very helpful and challenges oneself.”
  • “Course very well presented. Definitely changed my views on ethics and values, not only for the company, but also in my personal capacity.”
  • “When can we do this course again? :-)”
  • “Thank you very much for this course. It has really been interesting and I have learnt a lot.”
  • “Workshop must be extended to all employees.”
  • “Very good presenter, well spoken, knows her field.”
  • “This programme will enhance the long-term reputation of the company.”
  • “All employees should attend this course. This course should also be presented to suppliers and subcontractors.”
  • “Exceptional professionalism and knowledge.”
  • “Really helped to put things in perspective. Helped to understand how words like honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour, etc. can influence the performance of the company in the long term.”
  • “Teaches me to be more aware of what is going on in this country and even in companies.”
  • “How to be 100% honest and that you cannot be 50% honest.”
  • “Never forget your values. Treat people the way you like to be treated.”
  • “Refresher as to how important integrity, etc. is. Success is based on all presented today (work wise and personal).”
  • “Enlightenment, increased awareness and responsibility.”
  • “I have become more aware of unethical behaviour and the differences of the different examples of corruption.”
  • “To realise each second and minute spent in the workplace is money to Basil Read.”
  • “Coming to a realisation that when you stand for a certain value, nothing can force you to compromise what you strongly stand for.”
  • “Excellent presentation. Full of material and pointers regarding the way forward.”
  • “I will rate this training programme 10/10.”
  • “Very good content and very well presented. Everything well explained.”
  • Do you believe the information presented in the workshop will assist in promoting a culture of integrity in Basil Read?
    • “Yes. Makes one aware of the effect of wrong decisions and unethical conduct.”
    • “Yes, it provides the tools to for informed decision-making.”
    • “Yes, it will certainly enhance my current outlook positively.”
    • “Yes, better and relaxed approach; serious about the tasks at hand; being able to distinguish between values and factors that negatively influence us.”
    • “Yes, it was a motivating presentation, which assisted in making us aware of making mistakes, starting from the smallest.”
    • “It will assist, but it still would come down to line management committing to upholding these beliefs.”
    • “It is logical and the right thing to do.”
    • “Definitely, because of taking the company's hand and leading the way to a better future.”
    • “Yes it will, but only if everyone buys into it. People must be prepared to change their mind-set.”
    • “Yes, very much so, and if practiced will make Basil Read a good contractor to work with.”
    • “I believe it will, but may take a longer period to achieve.”
    • “Yes, it should give one the opportunity to treat everyone the same – from management to non-management.”
    • “Absolutely yes.”
    • “Yes, employees are informed at what defines integrity and how to promote a culture of integrity.”
    • “Yes, and it will create awareness of all decisions.”

Comments from Wits Business School for Leadership Development

Comments from Group Five

“Hi Janette
Thanks for the detailed feedback – and it is great to see the positive responses to what all acknowledge as a difficult topic.

Your style of presenting, your wide knowledge and great sense of fun and humour make it possible to concentrate and understand an important message. I think more than many other initiatives this programme has the potential to leave an indelible mark on our culture in a very difficult time. Hats off to you!" - Dr Janet Brumme, Head of the Group Five Academy.

Other comments from Group Five delegates:

  • “The quality of the content of the training programme was very high, clear and simple to understand; jargon is kept to a minimum and explanations are given in lay terms.”
  • “Very well researched, informative and well presented.”
  • “Very professionally presented.”
  • “The presenter is obviously well educated, and to keep the attention of your audience whilst teaching on such a difficult topic is extremely well done!”
  • “Even though the content was very intricate, the presenter still made the workshop understandable and easy to follow.”
  • “The programme was absolutely marvellous.”
  • “I enjoyed the fact that the presenter was energetic and maintained the group’s attention.”
  • “The presenter is extremely knowledgeable about the topic!”
  • “I have learned about respect and good communication to my colleagues and treating them equally. Dedication to my work and to aim high always and do the best out of me.”
  • “Ask when uncertain. Evaluate your decisions before acting.”
  • “Consult and engage to seek clarity if in doubt. Report.”
  • “This course thought me on the code of conduct and ethics. With this knowledge I can better identify unethical behaviour and communicate to the individual.”
  • “To deliver what is expected from me. To develop and adapt changes.”
  • “Not accept bribes. Live Group values.”
  • “Ongoing refreshment needed on at least an annual basis.”
  • “It needs to be enforced to the senior manager. It will then be easy to transfer these skills.”
  • “Speaking up when a process is not followed ethically.”
  • “Always uphold the values of the company. Always act within the company's code of conduct.”
  • “Better understanding of the consequences of unethical behaviour.”
  • “To be the change agent in my business unit.”
  • “Strive for excellence. Honesty.”