At ProEthics we promote professional ethics and business integrity. We empower our clients to fight dishonest business practices and prevent losses resulting from crime and irregularities, by promoting an ethical culture and responsible organisational governance.

We are committed to combating economic crime and harmful business practices that could hurt the innocent, destroy profit and damage quality service delivery.

Anti-corruption compliance and an ethical business culture are imperative for sustainable success.


With ProEthics’ joint academic background and practical business experience, our team is ideally equipped to give expert legal advice and develop tailor-made in-house training courses to enable our clients to comply with legal demands, make sustainable profits and satisfy stakeholder expectations.

As we are a micro-enterprise, our clients have the advantage of liaising with us in person. We strive to live up to the highest standards of ethical behaviour and professionalism in all we do. Our attention to detail and flexibility allows us to accommodate our clients’ needs. Continued quality service has enabled us to build long-term partnerships and strong business ties with private and public sector organisations. Client testimonials can attest that our interventions have prevented losses and reputational damage. Their ethical leadership and improved employee morale have led to increased productivity, thus improving long-term sustainability, profit, and business success.

ProEthics is a BEE level 4 contributor. We are fully woman-owned!


ProEthics was founded by Dr Janette Minnaar in 2014. She has more than thirty years of experience in the promotion of professional ethics. As a fully woman-owned organisation, they invest their passion for corporate ethics to the benefit of their clients.


Dr Janette Minnaar founded ProEthics as a vehicle to promote professional ethics. She holds a doctorate in criminal law (LLD) from the University of Pretoria and has been practising as an advocate since 1991. Dr Minnaar trains and consults not only large corporations, municipalities, government departments and tertiary institutions in South Africa but also clients in other African countries. She performs ethics investigations and stakeholder perception surveys and specialises in the development and presentation of in-house training programmes for clients. Her expertise lies in the legal and ethical duties of leaders, ethics management, prevention of corporate corruption and fraud, corporate governance, with particular reference to the King IV report, and compliance and risk management. She is regularly invited to address large audiences on ethics and the prevention of white-collar crime and has been privileged to present lectures with industry leaders such as Prof Mervyn King. She has published both nationally and internationally and has extensive teaching experience at the university level and is a popular speaker at conferences.

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At ProEthics we strive to live up to the highest standards of ethical behaviour and professionalism. We will not compromise our core values of integrityexcellence, and responsibility. We do what we say and we keep our promises. Our personal and corporate integrity are our key drivers to deliver excellent service.

Integrity requires doing what we say and always acting in good faith. This builds trust among colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. To live up to this standard we commit to:

  • Be truthful and honest in all our dealings and communications;
  • honour our commitments and deliver on our promises;
  • decline to deal in business that requires illegal or unethical behaviour;
  • never compromise our core values;
  • not offer, pay, or accept any form of a bribe to gain an unfair business advantage; and
  • pay all our taxes and respect the laws of the countries in which we operate

Excellence requires providing service of the highest professional and academic standards. To provide excellent service to our clients we commit to:

  • Continually improve our services through research and personal development;
  • deliver the best quality possible on time and within budget;
  • go the extra mile to meet the requirements of the project and client;
  • serve the best interests of our clients and not allow a personal conflict of interest to influence our objectivity and independence;
  • uphold confidentiality at all times; and
  • treat every person with fairness and respect.

Responsibility requires taking ownership of and being accountable for our actions and decisions. To live up to this standard we commit to:

  • Be professional and effective in the way we do our work;
  • exercise our duties with care, skill, diligence and in good faith;
  • consider the interests of others where we do business.
  • protect the good name and uphold the reputation of our company and our clients;
  • promote good corporate citizenship by supporting and contributing to the social needs of the community and the less privileged with our resources and time; and
  • conserve the environment and natural resources of the country.


  • The Compliance Institute Southern Africa – membership
  • The Ethics Institute (TEI) – supporter

Professional accreditations include:

  • The Compliance Institute Southern Africa: Continued Professional Development – Professional Ethics for Compliance Officers