How we train:

  1. Face-to-face training
  2. Live virtual sessions
  3. Standard video courses
  4. Development of customised and client-branded courses

Legal opinions on anti-corruption and ethics issues

Ethics investigations

Policy and legal framework development and revision

Development of ethics statements and corporate values

Ethics Health Assessments

Conference presentations and articles for newsletters or formal publications

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The international and local laws that govern anti-corruption are complex and have extra-territorial application – making it a difficult but a critical concern for businesses to proactively manage. This includes promoting an ethical culture. Our academic background and years of practical experience in this landscape ideally position us to empower our clients to comply with the relevant laws and prevent monetary losses and reputational damage.

With our services and training interventions, participants will learn to:

  • Not fall victim to, or participate in corruption or fraud;
  • have more confidence to report wrongdoing in the workplace;
  • make the right ethical choice when faced with a dilemma or grey area in business;
  • take responsibility for their actions and decisions;
  • demonstrably live the organisational values;
  • become an ethics champion in the workplace and inspire others to do the right thing at all times; and
  • be an ambassador for the good name of their organisation.

Organisations will:

  • Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by complying with local and international best practice standards and legislation;
  • prevent losses resulting from criminal acts and irregularities;
  • build a strong reputation and trustworthy brand;
  • promote sustainability, profit and success through responsible governance practices;
  • increase transparency and accountability; and
  • boost investor confidence and improve business opportunities.