In the previous blog, I interviewed Dr Janette Minnaar-van Veijeren, founding director of ProEthics (Pty) Ltd. Today, I share the second part of the interview that deals with the practical aspects of organisational ethics. During my corporate career as the company secretary of the social and ethics committee and the chairperson of the ethics task […]


In our previous blogs, we introduced you to THE CONCEPT OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE and ETHICAL LEADERSHIP BY THE GOVERNING BODY. In the next two blogs, we will be discussing organisational ethics, and we will be interviewing an expert in this field, Dr Janette Minnaar-van Veijeren, founding director of ProEthics (Pty) Ltd. During my corporate career […]

Dealing with conflict of interest in the workplace

WHAT IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST? A conflict of interest involves a conflict between the duties and the private interest of a person, in which the person’s private-capacity interest could improperly influence the performance of his/sher professional or formal duties and responsibilities. According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (the OECD 1 ) […]

Ethical Priorities in difficult economic times

By Dr Janette Minnaar-van Veijeren, Founding Director of ProEthics Most of us are feeling the economic strain. Many companies are laying off people or postponing projects as a result of an uncertain economic future. This makes my job, as a specialist trainer in anti-corruption and ethics, quite difficult. Our focus at ProEthics is to promote […]