12 June 2023

At ProEthics we are passionate about training. It empowers our clients and changes hearts and minds about the importance of ethical behaviour.

Imperatives for ethics training
Ethics training is regarded as central to the proactive governance of corporate integrity. The training that ProEthics develops and facilitates is aligned with international legislative and best practice standards. These are set by, among others, the IoDSA 2016 King IV Corporate Governance Report and Code, the UK Bribery Act, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the United Nations Global Compact. Our leadership courses provide clarity on the importance of ethical leadership, the practical steps of an ethics management programme, and how to set an example while promoting ethical behaviour and decision-making at work.

Our approach to developing a corporate training programme
All our foundational and specialist training programmes are designed to have practical application in the workplace, and ultimately improve employee and corporate performance. Adult learning methods are applied to contextualise theoretical information. Questions and debates between participants and the facilitators are encouraged. Real-life industry-specific case studies are used to illustrate the impact of unethical behaviour on the reputation and performance of an organisation. Interactive and practical group exercises and video material are included as effective training tools. We always provide an electronic copy of the training material as a resource for the participants and we present “live” virtual or in-person sessions.

We design customised courses for our clients
When instruction for the development of training material is received from a client, an interactive consultation process is followed to gain an accurate understanding of the target audience, objectives of the training, and the desired outcomes. We design training for all levels of seniority, from executives to unschooled labour. Relevant research is done to ensure that the training is aligned with the policies of the client and that the training meets the demands of applicable legislation, “watchdog” bodies, and industry standards.

Our qualifications and experience
Our combined experience of more than 45 years and specialised legal background is a big plus when we develop training courses or advise our clients. We are highly skilled facilitators and have lectured at several universities and technikons like Wits Business School, the University of Pretoria, Stellenbosch University Business School, and Henley Business School. We do not believe in hierarchical barriers – our clients can call or email us directly and we will respond.

The benefits and outcomes of our courses

Our courses assist our clients to:

  • meet legal compliance requirements;
  • put its code of conduct and corporate values into practice;
  • increase competitiveness and expand cross-border business opportunities by being compliant with local and international best practice ethics management standards;
  • improve profit and the long-term sustainability of the business;
  • build a trustworthy reputation; and
  • boost employee morale and engagement.

Participants will acquire the necessary skills to:

  • live the corporate values and set an example to others;
  • take responsibility and be accountable for their actions and decisions;
  • treat stakeholders with respect and so increase service delivery;
  • make the right decision when facing an ethical dilemma; and
  • contribute to a culture of integrity and openness in the workplace

By investing in our ethics training courses, our clients are demonstrating their commitment to ethical business practices and empowering leaders and employees to live the corporate values and enhance a culture of integrity in the workplace.