June 2023

Client confidentiality forms the cornerstone of trust between ProEthics and its clients. It fosters an environment of transparency, honesty, and mutual respect. This article explores why we maintain client confidentiality, even at our peril. It also highlights the benefits that a relationship built on trust brings to both parties involved.

Doing our ethical duty creates trust
It is an established principle of ethics that professional service providers such as legal practitioners or medical doctors must respect the privacy and confidentiality of their clients or patients. By not divulging confidential information about our clients, we demonstrate our commitment to preserving trust and upholding the highest standards of integrity. This fosters a sense of safety and loyalty, leading to long-term relationships between clients and professionals.

Open communication
Maintaining confidentiality nurtures an environment conducive to open communication between service provider and client. When our clients feel confident that their private information will be kept confidential, they are more likely to be transparent and forthcoming with relevant details. This enables us to provide accurate advice and appropriate assistance.

Protection from harm
In the process of providing our services, we are often privy to sensitive and private information. By safeguarding this information, we reduce the risk of unauthorised disclosure, which could lead to potential harm to our clients, including damage to their good name.

Legal requirements
We are bound by the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), which regulates the sharing of personal information belonging to another. Protecting personal information from abuse is also a professional obligation that enhances the reputation and credibility of professional service providers. However, should we encounter misconduct or criminal conduct we will follow internal reporting procedures and fully cooperate in a formal investigation by a duly authorised body.

When confidentiality is maintained, professionals nurture trust and demonstrate their commitment to ethical standards and open lines of communication with their clients. By honouring client confidentiality, even when pressurised to share information, we at ProEthics have established ourselves as trusted advisors with long-term relationships with our clients.