Group Five

Group Five
February 19, 2015
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Group Five

“Hi Janette
Thanks for the detailed feedback – and it is great to see the positive responses to what all acknowledge as a difficult topic.

Your style of presenting, your wide knowledge and great sense of fun and humour make it possible to concentrate and understand an important message. I think more than many other initiatives this programme has the potential to leave an indelible mark on our culture in a very difficult time. Hats off to you!” – Dr Janet Brumme, Head of the Group Five Academy.

Other comments from Group Five delegates:

  • “The quality of the content of the training programme was very high, clear and simple to understand; jargon is kept to a minimum and explanations are given in lay terms.”
  • “Very well researched, informative and well presented.”
  • “Very professionally presented.”
  • “The presenter is obviously well educated, and to keep the attention of your audience whilst teaching on such a difficult topic is extremely well done!”
  • “Even though the content was very intricate, the presenter still made the workshop understandable and easy to follow.”
  • “The programme was absolutely marvellous.”
  • “I enjoyed the fact that the presenter was energetic and maintained the group’s attention.”
  • “The presenter is extremely knowledgeable about the topic!”
  • “I have learned about respect and good communication to my colleagues and treating them equally. Dedication to my work and to aim high always and do the best out of me.”
  • “Ask when uncertain. Evaluate your decisions before acting.”
  • “Consult and engage to seek clarity if in doubt. Report.”
  • “This course thought me on the code of conduct and ethics. With this knowledge I can better identify unethical behaviour and communicate to the individual.”
  • “To deliver what is expected from me. To develop and adapt changes.”
  • “Not accept bribes. Live Group values.”
  • “Ongoing refreshment needed on at least an annual basis.”
  • “It needs to be enforced to the senior manager. It will then be easy to transfer these skills.”
  • “Speaking up when a process is not followed ethically.”
  • “Always uphold the values of the company. Always act within the company’s code of conduct.”
  • “Better understanding of the consequences of unethical behaviour.”
  • “To be the change agent in my business unit.”
  • “Strive for excellence. Honesty.”