Comments from Clinton Korf, Training Manager at FlySafair

Clinton Korf, Training Manager at FlySafair
February 1, 2024
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Comments from Clinton Korf, Training Manager at FlySafair

Attending a course by Dr Janette Minnaar from ProEhtics SA on workplace ethics was an absolute privilege. It was truly enlightening, revealing even with my years of experience, I still hold my own biases. Dr Minnaar prompted me to deeply reflect on my leadership approach, instilling invaluable lessons about leading with wisdom and humility.

The emphasis on behavioural ethics and aligning with the WHO values of my company resonated deeply. Personal integrity is now a non-negotiable cornerstone, and I’ve come to appreciate how humble leadership fosters robust teams. Navigating diversity and fostering inclusivity, especially within a multi-generational workforce, emerged as crucial focal points. Confronting ethical dilemmas head-on was another critical facet, emphasising value-based decision-making.

Dr Minnaar-van Veijeren’s insights on cultivating a culture of integrity within FlySafair left an indelible mark. Exploring the profound impact of environmental influences on ethical decision-making added an additional layer of understanding. Moreover, the course delved into the powerful sway of leadership influence, particularly in creating psychological safety, as illustrated by a compelling case study. The importance of intellectual honesty and emotional intelligence was emphasised, providing tools for identifying and refining one’s unique leadership style. This course has fundamentally transformed my perspective, equipping me to approach leadership with newfound insight and purpose. Thank you Dr Minnaar!