Press Release

10 MAY 2023

ProEthics and its directors have recently been mentioned in a newspaper article relating to the National Lotteries Commission (NLC). The facts relating to our relationship with the NLC were grossly misconstrued. ProEthics, as only one of many service providers for the NLC, is not being investigated. Our contract with the NLC has already expired amicably after the agreed-upon three-year period.

The above contract with the NLC contained a confidentiality clause, expressly prohibiting ProEthics from disclosing any non-public information to any unauthorised persons. We are, however, willing to give our full cooperation in any formal investigation of a client where our involvement is called into question.

In rendering our services, we aim to assist our clients to build a culture of integrity. As consultants, we cannot force anyone to act with integrity and are therefore saddened and disappointed when any of our clients have employees who are accused of wrongdoing.

We continue to value the support of our clients and look forward to delivering our services in the fight against fraud and corruption with integrity and accountability.

Dr Janette Minnaar