The ProEthics e-learning training solution

Our e-learning training solution provides an easy-to-use, effective alternative to class room training. These programmes are made available to users via the miEbooks app1 on a laptop or mobile device, offline. Once downloaded, users are then able to complete the training modules and assessments in their own time.

Our e-learning programmes are designed and developed to enable practical application in the workplace, and ultimately improve employee and corporate performance. Adult learning methods are applied to contextualise theoretical information. A practical video with audio teaches the content step by step and explains the theory page by page. Real-life industry specific case studies and examples are used to illustrate the impact of, e.g. unethical behaviour, on the reputation and performance of an organisation. Video material, images, articles, studies, etc. are made available as resources for further consumption and to foster understanding and contextualisation.

Benefits of ProEthics e-learning training

  • There is offline access – once the programme has been downloaded there is no need for continuous connection to the Internet.
  • All learning material is available in one centralised place.
  • Participants can learn in their own time and it is not office bound.
  • We provide 12-month accessibility to each course the client signs up for.
  • Users may repeat the programme as many times as desired within the 12-month period.
  • Own notes, sketches, highlights etc. within the digital learning material can be made to optimise learning.
  • Assessments are done after each module.
  • The integrated diary and newsletter keep users informed of any updates to the course material.
  • Reliable statistics and reporting on user usage are provided.
  • The latest information and research is added to the course and instantly made available to users.
  • Free monthly support for the period of the contract is given.
  • There is a significant saving in costs as compared to class room training.

ProEthics e-learning technical specifications

  • A mobile device running on any of the following platforms:
    • Android 4.4 or higher
    • iOS 8, 9 or higher
    • Windows 8.1 or higher
  • A robust Wi-Fi Internet connectivity for downloading of content, assessments and all back-ups.