Client Nature of appointment
Sanlam Sanlam-sponsored ethics lectures to various organisations (Bowman Gilfillan Attorneys, MMQS Quantity Surveyors, Nexia SAB&T Accountants, RLB Pentad Quantity Surveyors, Paragon Architects, Mashabane Rose Associates, Werksmans Attorneys and GLH Architects)
Chamberlains Ethics conversation with Chamberlains top management group
  • Development of e-learning courses launched via an e-learning App
  • Senior management – training on corporate and ethics governance
  • Development of an ethics charter and Code of Ethics
  • Review/development of anti-corruption policy; conflict of interest policy; whistle-blowing policy; duress payment policy and register; and gifts, hospitality and entertainment policy and gift register.
  • Development of a due diligence questionnaire
  • Development of an ethics health assessment
  • Development of, and support for ethics awareness communication campaign
Eqstra Flexi Fleet, and Fleet Management and Logistics
  • Senior management – training on corporate and ethics governance
  • Middle management and staff – “Ethics in Motion” workshops
  • Development of ethics awareness programme and communication strategy
Eqstra Corporation Limited Social and Ethics Committee members – training on the  functions and mandate of the S&E committee
Group Five
  • Board and Manco – training on directors’ duties and liability, anti-corruption and ethics awareness
  • Senior managers – training on corporate and ethics governance
  • Staff training – “Ethics in Action” workshops
  • Consultation and policy development on anti-corruption and risk management framework, ethics and compliance function, code of conduct (five-year engagement)
Basil Read
  • Manco and senior management – workshops on anti-corruption and anti-bribery
  • Middle management and professional  staff – workshops on anti-corruption and ethics awareness training (three-year engagement)
GIBB Engineering Senior management – workshops on anti-corruption, corporate and ethics governance (two-year engagement)
Murray & Roberts Graduate programme (young engineers) – workshops on anti-corruption, corporate governance and ethics (two-year engagement)
Nyeleti Consulting Engineers
  • Senior management – training on anti-corruption and ethics management
  • Development of ethics statement
  • Ethics communications campaign (two-year engagement)
Siemens Guest speaker at Siemens’ Africa Compliance Conference
Rosond Board members – workshop in legal and ethical duties of directors
Investec Compliance officers – ethics workshop
U-Bank Board training – directors’ duties and liabilities, ethics awareness and risk management
Forever Young (Annique Skincare)
  • Trustee of Dr Annique Theron
  • Legal adviser to Forever Young (seven-year engagement)
Universal Leaf Specialist anti-corruption and compliance training – presented in four countries
  • Board of trustees – training on corporate governance, risk and ethics management
  • Senior management – workshops on risk-management and legal compliance
Sasol Management programme – ethics training


Client Nature of appointment
Gauteng Provincial Legislature Anti-corruption and Ethics Training Workshop for Members of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature
Department of Cooperation and Governance of Traditional Affairs Municipal council members across the Free State Province – workshops on anti-corruption, legal compliance (municipal Finance Management Act), governance and ethical leadership
City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality
  • Legal Compliance survey in cooperation with the Ethics Institute of South Africa
  • Business process risk analysis of the Tshwane Building Office
Lepelle Northern Water Board Board members – induction training on the legal and ethical duties of board members
  • Fraud-prevention and ethics workshops – presented nationally (five-year engagement)
  • Legal consultant and trainer on the Energy Losses Management Programme
Auditor-General Impact study of the Public Finance Management Act of 1999
Furnbed Council members – workshop on corporate and ethics governance duties
SAOU (SA Onderwysunie) Council member and top management – workshop on the legal, governance and ethical duties of council members
Government Medical Aid (GEMS) Board of trustees – workshop on legal and ethical duties


Client Nature of appointment
University of the Witwatersrand’s Business Leadership Development Centre (WBS) Leadership development programme – presentation of modules on corporate and ethics governance (four-year engagement)
UNISA – Department of Industrial and Organisational Psychology Professional development training of senior management and professional staff – corporate culture and ethical dilemmas (three-year engagement)
Continuing Education and the University of Pretoria (CE@UP) Post-graduate students – presentation of certificate programme on corporate and ethics governance (five-year engagement)
University of Pretoria: Department of Health Sciences National symposium – ethics lecture
University of Pretoria: Department of Agriculture Leadership development programme – presentation of certificate programme on corporate and ethics governance (three-year engagement)
Tshwane University of Technology Senior management – workshop on ethical leadership


Client Nature of appointment
The Ethics Institute of South Africa
  • Board member (past)
  • Ethics Officer Certification Programme – presentation of anti-corruption and legal compliance modules
Business Unity South Africa (BUSA)
  • Development of E-learning anti-corruption programme
  • Presentation of anti-corruption workshops nationally
  • Business-integrity mentor for young business (and future) leaders (three-year engagement)
  • Representative of BUSA on the National Anti-corruption Forum (from 2003 – 2013)
  • Programme chair of National Anti-corruption Summit
National Business Initiative (NBI) and the United Nations Global Compact Network Business leaders – workshops on anti-corruption and ethical business practices (presented nationally)
South African Professional Services Awards (SAPSA) Head judge of professional services awards sponsored by PPS
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners of South Africa (ACFE SA) Annual conference – ethics lecture
Namibia Institute of Democracy
  • Development of national anti-corruption campaign and training material
  • Anti-corruption workshops (presented nationally)
Transvaalse Landbou-Unie (TLU) Ethics presentation at national annual summit
Compliance Institute of South Africa Compliance officers – trainer for board examination on legal compliance, risk management, corporate governance and ethics management (three-year engagement)
Consulting Engineers of South Africa (CESA): School of Engineers Professional development programme: workshops on anti-corruption and business integrity management systems
Institute of Internal Auditors of South Africa Fraud prevention training to members of the Institute