At ProEthics we empower our clients to fight dishonest business practices and prevent losses resulting from crime and irregularities, by promoting an ethical culture and responsible organisational governance.

We are committed to combat economic crime and harmful business practices that could hurt the innocent and damage quality service delivery.

Anti-corruption and risk management frameworks imperative to business success

Anti-competitive market behaviour, corrupt practices, workplace irregularities and unethical behaviour have a significantly negative impact on the professional service delivery, reputation and, ultimately, profit and success of organisations.

Newly adopted local and international laws impose strict obligations on organisations to implement sound corporate governance practices, effective risk management frameworks and an ethical culture. International investors and stakeholders (such as joint venture (JV) business partners) are increasingly demanding that organisations demonstrate the implementation of comprehensive anti-corruption and risk management frameworks, before they will consider doing business with an organisation.

ProEthics founded by Dr Janette Minnaar – advocate and anti-fraud specialist to promote professional ethics

Dr Janette Minnaar founded ProEthics as the vehicle to promote professional ethics. She holds a doctorate in criminal law (LLD) from the University of Pretoria and has been practising as an advocate since 1991. Dr Minnaar trains and consults to, not only large corporations, municipalities, government departments and tertiary institutions in South Africa, but also to clients in Ghana, Nigeria, DRC, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia. Her major clients include: Nedbank, Eqstra, Group Five, Basil Read, UNISA and Wits Business School of Leadership, amongst other industry corporates.

With ProEthics’ joint academic background and practical business experience, our team is ideally equipped to give expert legal advice and develop tailor-made in-house programmes to enable our clients to comply with legal demands, make sustainable profit and satisfy stakeholder expectations.

Continued research, personal development and associations being built with behavioural scientists, academia, forensic investigators, etc., enable us to provide guidance on the latest developments and best practices in our fields of expertise.

As we are a micro enterprise, our clients have the advantage of liaising with us in person. We strive to live up to the highest standards of ethical behaviour and professionalism in all we do. Our attention to detail and flexibility allow us to accommodate our clients’ needs. Continued quality service has enabled us to build long-term partnerships and strong business ties with private and public sector organisations. Client testimonials can attest that our interventions have prevented losses and reputational damage. Their ethical leadership and improved employee morale have led to increased productivity, thus improving long-term sustainability, profit and business success.

ProEthics is a BEE level 4 contributor.



At ProEthics we strive to live up to the highest standards of ethical behaviour and professionalism. We will not compromise our core values of integrity, excellence and responsibility. We do what we say and we keep our promises. Our personal and corporate integrity are our key drivers to deliver excellent service.


This value statement explains how we do business and live our values. ProEthics’ values and operating principles are:


Integrity requires doing what we say and always acting in good faith. This builds trust amongst colleagues, clients and stakeholders. In order to live up to this standard we commit to:

  • be truthful and honest in all our dealings and communications;
  • honour our commitments and deliver on our promises;
  • decline to deal in business that requires illegal or unethical behaviour;
  • never compromise our core values;
  • not offer, pay or accept any form of a bribe in order to gain an unfair business advantage; and
  • pay all our taxes and respect the laws of the countries in which we operate.


Excellence requires providing service of the highest professional and academic standards. To provide excellent service to our clients we commit to:

  • continually improve our services through research and personal development;
  • deliver the best quality possible on time and within budget;
  • go the extra mile in order to meet the requirements of the project and client;
  • serve the best interests of our clients and not allow a personal conflict of interest to influence our objectivity and independence;
  • uphold confidentiality at all times; and
  • treat every person with fairness and respect.


Responsibility requires taking ownership of, and being accountable for our actions and decisions. In order to live up to this standard we commit to:

  • be professional and effective in the way we do our work;
  • exercise our duties with care, skill, diligence and in good faith;
  • consider the interests of others where we do business.
  • protect the good name and uphold the reputation of our company and our clients;
  • promote good corporate citizenship by supporting and contributing to social needs of the community and the less privileged with our resources and time; and
  • conserve the environment and natural resources of the country.


Dr Janette Minnaar-van Veijeren


Janette obtained her LLD (1998) (with seven Distinctions), LLB (1990) and BLC (1988) from the University of Pretoria.

She was admitted as an advocate of the South African High Court in 1991.


  • Ethics Institute of South Africa
  • Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – South African Chapter


  • Served as a director on the Board of the Ethics Institute
  • Served on the National Council of the Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut (AHI) for three years
  • Served on the South African National Anti-corruption Forum and the Anti-corruption Working Group of Business Unity South Africa for 10 years


Janette practises in her own name and manages her business, ProEthics. She is a level 4 contributor to BEE.

Training of boards

Janette has had the privilege to train boards of some of the most successful companies in South Africa. These include inter alia:

  • Deloitte
  • DRA Global
  • Vodacom
  • Minopex
  • Group Five
  • Basil Read
  • U-Bank
  • Pharmaceutical Council of South Africa
  • Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS)
  • Pretoria Eye Institute of SA
  • Lepelle Water Board
  • Eskom. 

Professional bodies and institutions represented

  • The Ethics Institute of South Africa
  • United Nations Global Compact Network
  • Consulting Engineers of South Africa (CESA)
  • The South African Spine Society
  • Business Unity South Africa
  • Institute for Democracy of Namibia (NID)
  • The Financial Services Board
  • The South African Reserve Bank
  • The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA)
  • The Institute of Municipal Finance Managers
  • National Business Initiative
  • The South African Revenue Protection Association
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors
  • The Compliance Institute of South Africa
  • South African Fraud Prevention Service
  • The South African Insurance Bureau
  • The Life Offices’ Association of SA
  • The Institute of Retirement Funds
  • The Pharmaceutical Council
  • The Pretoria Eye Institute of SA

Professional career

Janette, who holds a BLC and LLB in law from the University of Pretoria (UP), obtained her PhD in Criminal Law (LLD) from UP in 1998. In her doctoral thesis she explored, inter alia, the problem and solutions to white-collar crime, fraud and corruption. One of her major findings was that the adoption of a comprehensive ethics management programme is key to prevent dishonest and harmful behaviour.

Janette started her professional career in 1991, at the Bank Supervision Department of the South African Reserve Bank. She lectured in Criminal Law at the University of Venda from 1994 to 1996 and continued her academic career at the University of Pretoria. Upon completion of her doctoral degree in 1998, she decided to pursue a consulting career in the private sector.

After co-managing and being a director of a private company until mid-2007, Janette joined the Ethics Institute of South Africa as a part-time contractor until 2014 where she served on their board for a two-year period. In August 2014, Janette started ProEthics, a new venture positioned to promote professional ethics and responsible governance practices in the private and public sectors.

From 2010 to 2016, Janette lectured to post-graduate students at the University of Pretoria. She was elected as a member of the executive management committee of the Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut (AHI) from 2011 to 2013. She was a member of the Institute of Directors and served on the South African National Anti-corruption Forum from 2002 until 2012, where she represented Business Unity South Africa (BUSA). Janette was also appointed as a trustee of the Forever Theron Trust of Dr Annique Theron, internationally acclaimed founder of Annique Skincare, from 2007 to 2015. Most recently, Janette joined her advocate colleagues as part of Prof Tim Noakes’s legal defence team against the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

At present Janette teaches short programmes on ethics, governance and corruption at the University of the Witwatersrand’s Business Leadership Development Centre. These academic programmes involve inter alia:

  • the legal, moral and ethical duties of leaders;
  • ethical principles and norms;
  • issues of morality;
  • ethical dilemmas and decision-making models;
  • creating a culture of honesty and integrity; and
  • the long-term benefits of ethical behaviour.

Apart from her involvement in the fight against corruption, Janette also develops and presents in-house training programmes on corporate governance, with particular reference to the King reports on corporate governance, the duties of directors, ethics management, prevention of corporate fraud, and compliance and risk management. She does research and develops training manuals and e-learning programmes for clients in both the private and the public sector. Janette’s courses in corporate governance, anti-corruption and ethics have been accredited for CPD (continuing professional development).

She has published both nationally and internationally and she has extensive teaching experience at university level and is a popular speaker at conferences. Her client base includes not only large corporations, municipalities, government departments, technikons and universities in South Africa, but also in Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Namibia.

Some of her private sector clients include: Nedbank, ABSA, Investec, Deloitte, Siemens, Vodacom, MTN, Group Five, Basil Read, Murray & Roberts, Eqstra, Eskom, First National Bank, Momentum, Sanlam and Universal Leaf Corporation.


Dr Janette Minnaar-van Veijeren | ProEthics

T: +27 12 452 3500


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Professional memberships include:

  • The Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicsSA)
  • The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in the United States of America
  • Professional Editors’ Group (PEG).

ProEthics presents specialist training programmes on behalf of:

  • Continuing Education at the University of Pretoria (CE@UP)
  • Wits Business Leadership School
  • Compliance Institute of Southern Africa (CISA)
  • Consulting Engineers of South Africa (CESA).

In the development of our training programmes and services, ProEthics works in association with:

  • behavioural scientists
  • academia
  • copywriters and editors
  • graphic design and IT specialists
  • forensic investigators
  • professional psychometrists, etc.




Comments from University of the Witwatersrand

Comments from Nedbank

Comments from DRA

Comments from Basil Read

  • “The facilitator made the course subject interesting and the application thereof very relevant.”
  • “Very well presented, enjoyed the content. Was interactive and interesting.”
  • “The course was very informative, the Dr (Minnaar) was very lively, vibrant and smart. She is very valuable in getting across her message. Well enjoyed the course. Thank you.”
  • “This course is very helpful and challenges oneself.”
  • “Course very well presented. Definitely changed my views on ethics and values, not only for the company, but also in my personal capacity.”
  • “When can we do this course again? :-)”
  • “Thank you very much for this course. It has really been interesting and I have learnt a lot.”
  • “Workshop must be extended to all employees.”
  • “Very good presenter, well spoken, knows her field.”
  • “This programme will enhance the long-term reputation of the company.”
  • “All employees should attend this course. This course should also be presented to suppliers and subcontractors.”
  • “Exceptional professionalism and knowledge.”
  • “Really helped to put things in perspective. Helped to understand how words like honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour, etc. can influence the performance of the company in the long term.”
  • “Teaches me to be more aware of what is going on in this country and even in companies.”
  • “How to be 100% honest and that you cannot be 50% honest.”
  • “Never forget your values. Treat people the way you like to be treated.”
  • “Refresher as to how important integrity, etc. is. Success is based on all presented today (work wise and personal).”
  • “Enlightenment, increased awareness and responsibility.”
  • “I have become more aware of unethical behaviour and the differences of the different examples of corruption.”
  • “To realise each second and minute spent in the workplace is money to Basil Read.”
  • “Coming to a realisation that when you stand for a certain value, nothing can force you to compromise what you strongly stand for.”
  • “Excellent presentation. Full of material and pointers regarding the way forward.”
  • “I will rate this training programme 10/10.”
  • “Very good content and very well presented. Everything well explained.”
  • Do you believe the information presented in the workshop will assist in promoting a culture of integrity in Basil Read?
    • “Yes. Makes one aware of the effect of wrong decisions and unethical conduct.”
    • “Yes, it provides the tools to for informed decision-making.”
    • “Yes, it will certainly enhance my current outlook positively.”
    • “Yes, better and relaxed approach; serious about the tasks at hand; being able to distinguish between values and factors that negatively influence us.”
    • “Yes, it was a motivating presentation, which assisted in making us aware of making mistakes, starting from the smallest.”
    • “It will assist, but it still would come down to line management committing to upholding these beliefs.”
    • “It is logical and the right thing to do.”
    • “Definitely, because of taking the company's hand and leading the way to a better future.”
    • “Yes it will, but only if everyone buys into it. People must be prepared to change their mind-set.”
    • “Yes, very much so, and if practiced will make Basil Read a good contractor to work with.”
    • “I believe it will, but may take a longer period to achieve.”
    • “Yes, it should give one the opportunity to treat everyone the same – from management to non-management.”
    • “Absolutely yes.”
    • “Yes, employees are informed at what defines integrity and how to promote a culture of integrity.”
    • “Yes, and it will create awareness of all decisions.”

Comments from Wits Business School for Leadership Development

  • “Very good presentation, well done.”
  • “Very relevant and an eye opener.”
  • “I cherish the opportunity of having attended this lecture.”
  • “Very important for organisational management, excellent.”
  • “I strongly recommend that this course be represented to all academies.”
  • “Ethics and morality should be a standing agenda at all management meetings.”
  • “Very important module, which needs to be cascaded down to all colleagues.”
  • “Wish this could be taught to general membership.”
  • “Well done, beautiful book received.”
  • “Very informative and applicable.”
  • “Outstanding!!!”
  • “An extremely enthusiastic lecturer. I loved every moment.”
  • “Excellent course, which was very well prepared for and presented.”
  • “Brilliant, down to earth and practical to our environment; enjoyed her tremendously.”
  • “Loved the text book. A great asset to share with colleagues.”
  • “Learnt a lot from this course. Janette definitely knows what she is doing.”
  • “Well conversant with course material and content. Well done!”
  • “Great facilitator who gave very relevant examples.”
  • “Janette was of energy throughout the entire lecture. Very stimulating presentation and her examples were aligned to our environment. Very, very well done!”

Comments from Group Five

  • “It taught me what ethical behaviour is all about; the difference between extortion and corruption; the relationship between the Companies Act and King III; and how they are applied in a company. I received more insight into the company's bribery and corruption policy, and how I should behave as an ethical leader.”
  • “This course was motivating and empowering.”

“Hi Janette
Thanks for the detailed feedback – and it is great to see the positive responses to what all acknowledge as a difficult topic.

Your style of presenting, your wide knowledge and great sense of fun and humour make it possible to concentrate and understand an important message. I think more than many other initiatives this programme has the potential to leave an indelible mark on our culture in a very difficult time. Hats off to you!" - Dr Janet Brumme, Head of the Group Five Academy.

Other comments from Group Five delegates:

  • “The quality of the content of the training programme was very high, clear and simple to understand; jargon is kept to a minimum and explanations are given in lay terms.”
  • “Very well researched, informative and well presented.”
  • “Very professionally presented.”
  • “The presenter is obviously well educated, and to keep the attention of your audience whilst teaching on such a difficult topic is extremely well done!”
  • “Even though the content was very intricate, the presenter still made the workshop understandable and easy to follow.”
  • “The programme was absolutely marvellous.”
  • “I enjoyed the fact that the presenter was energetic and maintained the group’s attention.”
  • “The presenter is extremely knowledgeable about the topic!”
  • “I have learned about respect and good communication to my colleagues and treating them equally. Dedication to my work and to aim high always and do the best out of me.”
  • “Ask when uncertain. Evaluate your decisions before acting.”
  • “Consult and engage to seek clarity if in doubt. Report.”
  • “This course thought me on the code of conduct and ethics. With this knowledge I can better identify unethical behaviour and communicate to the individual.”
  • “To deliver what is expected from me. To develop and adapt changes.”
  • “Not accept bribes. Live Group values.”
  • “Ongoing refreshment needed on at least an annual basis.”
  • “It needs to be enforced to the senior manager. It will then be easy to transfer these skills.”
  • “Speaking up when a process is not followed ethically.”
  • “Always uphold the values of the company. Always act within the company's code of conduct.”
  • “Better understanding of the consequences of unethical behaviour.”
  • “To be the change agent in my business unit.”
  • “Strive for excellence. Honesty.”